Water 101: Why Is Water Important For Life?

We have been hearing a lot about staying hydrated and drinking enough water for ages now. But, we still do not understand why is water important for life

You look for 101 of so many things but here is something you need for real, Water 101. There are countless benefits of drinking water, then why would you not have at least enough of it? 

For your knowledge, let me start with the very basic facts that you should and must already know.

If you know these, you already know that water is kinda big deal and why is water important for life. 

Muscle contains 75% of the water in it. Drinking lots of water can help you in muscle building. For muscle building, you should also know about protein, how it works? how to make your own protein? and, much more.

Water 101: Why Is Water Important For Life?

Water 101 – FACTS 

  1. About 60% of the human body (adult) is water. 
  2. Your blood is 90% water. 
  3. Your brain and heart are 73% water. 
  4. The lungs are around 83% water. 
  5. Your Skin contains 64% water. 
  6. Muscles and Kidney are around 79% water. 
  7. Moreover, Your bones are 31% water. 
  8. How much water do I need a day? 8-10 glasses, for sure. 
  9. Not all the water you need comes from liquids, some of it comes from food as well. 
  10. “ Water is important for life and there are soo many benefits of drinking water.”

The facts are already answering some of the FAQS like, What percentage of your body should be water?, What percentage of the brain is water?, What percentage of human blood is water? And the most common one, How much water do I need a day?

We are going to keep everything to the point and answer some frequently asked questions related to Water. 

Water 101- FAQ 

Why is water important for life? 

Water is one of the basic and essential things you need to survive. Wherever you find water, you will find life. 
To stay alive, organisms need energy which is produced by breaking down the breakable food and excreting the toxic and waste substances. And water nearly facilitates all of these processes. There are a lot many benefits of drinking water, that you will find out below. 
So now, you know why is water important for life.

Is it important to drink water every day?

YES, it is very important to drink water every day as it is essential for bodily functions. 
Moreover, not drinking enough water in a day can cause dehydration, fatigue, headache, weakened immunity, dry skin, and excretory issues. 
By drinking enough water each day, you take the maximum out of the benefits of drinking water and live longer and healthier. (More reasons to drink enough water and understand why is water important for life.) 

What happens if you don’t drink enough water long term?

If you don’t drink enough water for a day, you will go through dehydration. If you don’t drink enough water for the long term, you can suffer chronic dehydration. 
(Giving you another answer to why is water important for life.) Chronic dehydration can further cause health issues like kidney stones, high blood pressure, swelling in your brain, kidney failure, seizures, and weakness. 
So, if you did not have enough water for a week or so for some reason, fix your routine and increase your water intake now. 
There are benefits of drinking water, and there are disadvantages of not doing the same. So, maintain a balance. 

What are the benefits of drinking water?

Here is a list of 20 benefits of drinking water and some strong answers to why is water important for life. 

Improves physical performance. 
Boosts energy levels. 
Improvises brain function. 
Prevents headaches. 
Helps avoid constipation. 
Helps treat kidney stones. 
Aids weight loss.
Helps create saliva 
Helps maintain body temperature.
Protects tissues, spinal cord, and joints. 
Facilitates excretion of body wastes. 
Helps improve digestion. 
Helps absorb nutrients
Aids fat loss.
Improves oxygen circulation.
Facilitates cognitive functions.
Keeps the skin bright and hydrated. 
Improves mood.
Helps maintain muscle mass. 
Prevent dehydration. 

When should you not drink water?

Yes, drinking water is very important and you should have enough of it every day. But, there are some situations when you should avoid drinking water. 

Here is a list of such situations. 

During intense workout sessions. 
Before going to bed.
After having spicy food. (have milk instead)
If your urine is colorless. (It is a sign of over-hydration)
Right before a meal. 
During a meal. 
Right after a meal.  

If you have already had enough water throughout the day. 
Excess of anything is bad and so is the case with water. 

What is the correct way to drink water? 

The right way to drink water to be able to extract the maximum benefits of drinking water, Sit and Sip water, and do not stand and gulp it. 

Why should we not drink water while standing?

When you stand and drink water, it goes down really fast and does not actually reach places where it should. 
So, drink slowly while sitting or else you will miss on the benefits of drinking water. 

Is drinking water at night bad?

Drinking water before bed can interrupt sleep. There are chances that you’ll need to urinate during the night.
You may take a longer time before being able to fall asleep. It can cause facial and limb swelling in the morning. 

How can I tell if I am hydrated?

One of the best ways to know if you are hydrated is by looking at your urine. 

Dark yellow colored urine- mild to severe dehydration.
Light yellow colored urine- little dehydration.
Very light yellow colored urine- well hydrated.

You can also tell the same by the amount of urine. Dehydration causes you to excrete a lesser amount of urine. 

The Takeaway

Water 101: Why Is Water Important For Life?

Water is important for life. 

This was a water 101 you need to see. The questions covered in this water 101 were some of the most frequently asked ones.

Drop your questions and feedback in the comments sections below. 

Stay Hydrated! 

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