The Healthiest fruits on Earth|

There are infinite benefits of fruits. These are something you eat in the most natural form out of all other foods on earth.
Fruits are unadulterated, hence are highly beneficial.

Fruits are an amazing source of essential vitamins and minerals. They are high in fibre and antioxidants that are good for health.

A diet rich in fruits can help reduce the risk of various health crisis. Fruits help prevent cancer, inflammation, diabetes and heart diseases.Fruits are high in nutrition and low in calories. Fruits are also beneficial to maintain skin, hair and bone health.

All fruits are not equally healthy, but some fruits have unique health benefits. And these unique benefits make them one of the world’s healthiest fruits.



Lemons are among the citrus fruits. These fruits are rich in Vitamin C.

Lemons too are a great source of vitamin C and some antioxidants.

Flavonoids in lemons possess antibacterial, anticancer, and antidiabetic properties.

Plant compound present in lemons prevent weight gain.

Also, citric acid has the ability to treat kidney stones.

Lemons also contain potassium, folic acids, pectin, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6, folate and vitamin A. All of these have varied health benefits and are essential for the body.

The presence of these components make lemons one of the healthiest fruits.

Summary- Lemons are rich in essential nutrients. They prevent the body from various diseases and from weight gain.

How can we have it?

As you cannot consume a lemon directly, its juice is usually included in diet.
You can have water with lemon juice.
You can top your salads with lemon juice.


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”
The phrase is used for a reason.

Apples are among the most popular and healthiest fruits on Earth. They are amazingly nutritious.

Apples are rich in fibre, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K and some vitamin Bs as well.

The fibre promotes heart health and weight loss. Pectins help in maintaining a healthy gut and improve metabolism.

Antioxidants in apples reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and some sorts of cancers. The antioxidants also take care of the bone density.

Also, they are great in taste. (Prefer eating apples along with the peel.)

Summary-Apples are incredibly nutritious. They can not only help reduce risk of diseases but also improve health.

How can we have it?

One can eat them as a whole or with peanut butter or yogurt.


This red and delicious fruit is among the healthiest fruits serving various benefits.

Strawberries are rich in dietary fibres, essential vitamins and minerals.

They also contain thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, manganese, folate, and vitamins B-6, vitamin A and vitaminK.

The antioxidants in strawberries can prevent the body from chronic diseases.

Fibres, potassium and flavonoids help boost the heart health. Some flavonoids have anti-inflammatory properties.

Summary-Strawberries are tasty and nutritious. They serve many health benefits

How can we have it?

They can be eaten raw or with plain yogurt. One can also try making smoothies by freezing the fruit and then blending it.


Pineapples are tropical and exotic fruits.
They are rich in vitamin C and manganese.

Pineapples contain bormelain that posses anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to digest protein.
They help prevent tumour growth.

Manganese is helpful in building bones and tissues.

Summary-Pineapples are citrus fruits. (You must have noticed that almost all the healthiest fruits are citrus in nature. ) They possess some amazingly beneficial nutrients.

How can we have it?

You can eat them raw. They make a good salad topping. And,Frozen smoothies are always a great to go option.


These are famous as superfoods due to their nutritive properties.

Avocados are soft green fruits and are highly different from any other fruits.
Avocados are low in carbs and are rich in healthy fats.

These are rich in oleic acid that helps control cholesterol levels. Oleic acids are basically monounsaturated fats. And when cholesterol is managed using healthy fats, it reduces heart related risks.

Avocados also contain folate, vitamin A, potassium, fibre, magnesium and beta-carotene.

Summary-Avocados are rich in healthy fats and other beneficial nutrients.
They promote heart health.

How can we have it?

They taste great along with salad.
You can make frozen avocado smoothies mixing in some other fruits.


Blueberries are incredibly nutritious.

These are rich in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese.

Blue berries are exceptionally high in antioxidants. These antioxidants protects brain and heart.

Blueberries contain anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant.
This antioxidant protects against heart diseases, strokes. It also prevents other chronic diseases.

Blueberries also tend to enhance memory.
These also help reduce oxidative stress and infections.

Blueberries impressively boost the immune system by increasing the natural killer cells on a massive scale.

Summary-Blueberries are rich in essential nutrients. They have a high antioxidant capacity and immune-enhancing properties.
These amazing nutrients make blueberries one of the healthiest fruits.

How can we have it?

You can have Fresh blueberries directly and have them along with breakfast cereals, desserts and yogurt.
You can also make frozen blueberry smoothies.


Grapefruit is one the healthiest citrus fruits.

Despite having essential vitamins and minerals, it has the ability to control insulin resistance in body. It is also helpful for weight loss.

Grapefruit controls the cholesterol levels.
These also help in treating kidney stones.

The flavonoids in grapefruits can protect against some cancers. They also prevent inflammation.

Summary-Grapefruits are high in nutrition. They help maintain insulin levels and body weight.

How can we have it?

You can squeeze the grapefruit juice into water to make a drink and have pure grapefruit juice. You can add a slice to your breakfast.


Watermelon is a rich source of antioxidants like;

  • Lycopene.
  • Carotenoids.
  • Cucurbitacin E.

Lycopene reduces the risk of cancers associated with digestive system.

It also promotes heart health because it reduces cholesterol and maintains blood pressure.

Also, it has a good amount of vitamin C and A.

It helps you feel full for a longer period of time because it is made up of 92% of water.

Watermelons are among the healthiest fruits with varied helth benefits.
These are rich in antioxidants.

How can we have it?

Usually watermelon is consumed as a whole.
We can make thick juice out of it and have it throughout the day.


Cherries are tasty and are one if the healthiest fruits on earth.

These are rich in potassium, fibre and vitamin C.

It is rich in various antioxidants. These reduce inflammation and hence the chance of various diseases.

The one unique benefit is the Melatonin content.
Melatonin is a hormone that tells or signals the brain when it’s time to sleep.

It may help treat insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Furthermore, it enhances sleep quality and duration.

Cherries are extremely tasty and healthy
They serve the unique health benefit of enhancing sleep duration and quality.

How can we have it?
Cherries are usually eaten as a whole.
We have various recipes but for the most benefits fruits should be eaten unprocessed.

So these are the healthiest fruits on the earth that you should add to your diet.

Different fruits have different benefits, so one should include a variety of fruits to their diet.

Fruits provide the body with key vitamins, antioxidants, and dietary fiber.

This can have significant benefits on heart health, digestion, weight control and skin health.

Fruits make a great meal and are tasty along with the health factor.






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