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2020 started off well with hundreds of fashion shows. The sudden wave of virus spread made it a difficult year for all of us, but we should still know the spring summer 2020 fashion trends because we have a lot more of style this year. 

The fashion shows showcased amazing styles that can surely be on your spring summer 2020 fashion trends list.

Here Are The Top 14 Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trends For You!

Disco collar

Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

Disco may be outdated but disco collar is still one of the top fashion trends of 2020. The collar can be of a dress, of a shirt, or even of a suit. 

It looks way cooler if it is of a different color than that of the whole dress/suit/shirt. Otherwise, what’s the point of having it if it does not show up nicely?


Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

The next one in your to-buy 2020 fashion trends list is feathers. These are soooo in, and look amazingly stylish. These may be the most seen once people step out after lockdown. 

These look amazing on sleeve edges, waistline, on dress and jeans ends, as well. Overall feather dresses and off-shoulder feathery tops are also great to go!

Imagine having a disco collar dress with feathery ends! 

Chunky boots with dresses

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Bring those boots on! I feel boots are alwaysssssss in trend, they go with every season. You are gonna see boots all through the year. And, bringing a twist to it, you wear them with dresses. The dresses you usually wear with heels. 

Sprong summer 2020 fashion trends call for funky looks, lets see what the trends do with boots for fall and winter 2020. 

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Neon shades

2020 will be a significant year in the history and so will be its fashion trends. Neon dresses, shirts, skirts, pants, and even shoes will definitely be among your top five trends this season. 

Going out with these will be like stealing all the attention from all over the place.

Imagine mixing two of these fashion trends and having a neon dress on with some chunky boots. Slayin!

Bra as tops

Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

Next up in the spring summer 2020 fashion trends list is this coolllll trend of wearing a bra as a top with any bottoms of your choice. 

2020 being a different year bring in a lot of different and really cool fashion trends. So, when you finally get to go out, go in style. 

Innerwear is the new outerwear!

Hot pants

Well well! What else could be better for the extremely hot summers especially if you like the tan?  

Hot pants and bra tops are some real “I love summers” fashion trends. 

Imagine having hot pants on with a cool bra top and a nice, long, and printed shrug to add to the look. 

Bermuda suits

Got a meeting to attend but its too hot to wear a trouser? No problem! This is one of my favorite spring summer 2020 fashion trends. 

Bermuda suits look classy, cool, and stylish. (Btw, this is now we have been doing the video conferencing during the lockdown, isn’t it?) ;D

60’s prints

Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

Bringing back the trend has always been a great trend. 2020 fashion trends are kind of doing the same. 

60’s print shirts, dresses, and skirts will be on the streets real soon. 

What are you imagining now? A 60’s print Bermuda suit? Well, that would be a trendsetter!


Vests are for men? Who said that? Vest over dresses and shirts is another one of the coolest spring summer 2020 fashion trends that you must try!


Do these ever go out of fashion trends? I believe they don’t!

Leather jackets and boots? Naahhhh! 2020 fashion trends are beyond your guess. Leather dresses, skirts, and soo much more is there in the fashion stores waiting for you. 

How about a blue leather vest over a white plain shirt. 2020 is your year!

Polka dots

2020 spring summer fashion trends are bringing back the 1920’s with the polka dot trend with some cool variations in the dots. 

Dresses, tops, shirts, and skirts, everything looks nice with the dots. 

Puffed sleeves

Bringing back another trend. Well, all these sleeves fashion trends shout out load that “sleeves matter”. 

It is another popular 90’s trend. Not the 1990’s but the 1890’s. The trend will have the 2020 touch for sure. 

Black polka dots on puffed white sleeves of a plain black dress? You got that right!

Layer it up but keep it thin!

Yes, layers are back in trend, and spring summer 2020 fashion trends call for thin layers of sheer. 

Dresses and sheer shirts are great to go in this season!

Low waists

High waits have ruled the hearts for years and now, the classic low waist is back in trend with spring summer 2020 fashion trends. 

Take your low waist jeans back out!

I can not think of a combination for the last two, do suggest me some in the comments section below!

So, this was it about spring summer 2020 fashion trends. I hope the lockdown ends soon and you can go out in style soon. A really cool and stylish year indeed. 

Stay safe! 

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