8 Signs That You Are Handsome(MORE HANDSOME THAN YOU THINK)

Everybody has moments where they question their own beauty. These are the signs that you are handsome actually more handsome than you think But They begin to look for faults in themselves at this stage. It may be beneficial in some cases because it contributes to self-development. However, positive self-criticism can quickly turn into damaging self-reproach, which can make it impossible to live a happy and full life. This post was written about those people who are now going through a tough time in their lives. These points will help you know how handsome you are.

Bright Side is giving you the opportunity to learn about certain hidden psychological differences in our attitudes that prove you are more beautiful than you thought.

You Are Handsome If You Sweat

signs that you are handsome

Let’s Talk about this. You know women have a strong sense of smell than males. And odor really matters and. So as we sweat our body releases pheromone-like chemicals into the air and all the women will go around like what’s that spicy smell, where it is coming from. Here we are not talking about sweating like fish in the ocean.

Women who sniffed a chemical present in male sweat had higher levels of an essential hormone, as well as higher sexual desire, a quicker heart rate, and other symptoms, according to researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. It’s all like if you are a sweaty gentleman doing exercises in the gym people will go like Woah that is a sweet-looking guy there.

Second Thing in the list of signs that you are handsome is..

If You Are Older Than Her

Women do like older men and if you are older than her you are more attractive or handsome than regular dudes With the same age.

There seem to be a lot of women who want to spend their life with far older men. The May—December romance is a term coined to describe this form of relationship. While it seems romantic, some people also look down on couples with major age differences. This is when they are unaware that there are many explanations why women are drawn to silver foxes.

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Third Thing in the list of signs that you are handsome is..

You Are Kind Individual

Now here you don’t have to be like the Greek God machine. Now In order to be viewed as a super attractive person, one of the incredible things is king, generous and helpful. When people see you or hear about you doing nice and generous things it automatically turns you to super attractive. And is a great sign that you are more handsome than you think.

Fourth Thing in the list of signs that you are handsome is..

A Decent Body

You always see a guy in the gym or mainly at beach, who is all jacked and a muscle maniac. And you think that he is the one all the girls is looking for but then you see a guy with decent body not chiseled up walking with his girl. It all explains here

Fact that if you have a decent body this means that if you workout but you are not chiseled you got little bit of muscles on you but you are not like a stud, Then you are viewed as more handsome than a jacked up cool dude.

The fact that jacked up, ripped dude look more self centered who lives in the gym and have no social life.

Fifth Thing in the list of signs that you are handsome is..

You Have Amazing Skin

According to new studies, women prefer men with healthy skin to those with a masculine mask.

The previous study has shown that heterosexual women find men with manly faces most appealing, i.e., those with pronounced cheekbones, strong brows, and a moderately long lower face with a defined jawline, particularly during ovulation. According to researchers, women naturally favor men with masculine characteristics because those qualities suggest good fitness, which is then transmitted on to their daughters.

Having Good quality skin is a sign that you take care of yourself and you are healthy from inside too.

Sixth Thing in the list of signs that you are handsome is..

You Have Nice Hands

Yes women do notice how good guy’s hands are looking.

Taking care of your hands and nails is a good sign of personal hygiene too. Women does not like cracked, bitten or calluses hands. But technically calluses are viewed as attractive as We understand as calluses gives hint that a person is actually working out but we would recommend to use hand moisturizer at least once a day before you go to bed Or before you leave the house to make sure that it looks high quality because your fingers may look tired and rough.

Seventh Thing in the list of signs that you are handsome is..

People Get Surprised When You Got Complexes

If people around you are taken aback when you tell them about your complexes or poor self-esteem, it’s a clear indication that your problem isn’t real. People who look at you assume that all will be right in the end because you seem self-assured and self-sufficient. In reality, the overwhelming proof of your beauty is not surprise, but the annoyance of those around you that you dare to whine about problems because you have too many advantages. Similar responses can be shown in movies when a girl with the look of a model protests about becoming overweight, causing a surge of outrage in a truly overweight girl.

Eighth Thing in the list of signs that you are handsome is..

You Got A Deeper Voice

Women prefer men with a deeper voice and a more masculine-sounding voice, according to studies, particularly when they are nearing ovulation.

This may be attributed to the fact that collaborating with men with a deeper voice may result in genetically healthier children. Men with deeper voices have been related to having more living children and grandchildren, as well as higher testosterone and lower stress hormones, as well as longer-term survival.

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