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Regaining muscle mass may seem difficult. But, you can surely do it with hard work. You can regain muscle mass with regular strength exercises and minute changes in your diet. 

What causes muscle loss in the first place?

You may need to regain muscle mass after a long period of inactivity.

Or, after an illness or injury. Muscle loss can also be because of aging or chronic health conditions. 

But the good news is that you can regain muscle mass at any age.

regain muscle mass

Why should you regain muscle mass?

 It is beneficial for all ages- it increases bone density, thereby reducing the risk of fractures. 

It also controls blood pressure and increases strength.

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How can you regain muscle mass?

Drink more water

Keep your body hydrated. Water flushes out toxins from the body and helps in muscle growth

Drink at least 3 liters of water per day. 

Water boosts metabolism (How?). It also supports the immune system. (How?) 

Healthier diet

regain muscle mass

Increase your daily caloric intake to meet the demands of your body, because you will be working out too. The body will need more calories while you regain muscle mass.

Have a balanced diet. A diet rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich meats is essential for muscle growth and health.

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Eat more and more proteins.  It will enhance your strength-building efforts. Eggs, broccoli, and some pulses are some of the richest sources of protein. These are among the healthiest foods too.  

Efforts for regain muscle mass

Get back into exercising, start slow. You will not be able to get to the level you where you left instantly. Also, forcing your muscles too hard or too quickly can lead to injury. 

regain muscle mass

It is, however, important to work your muscles completely to regain muscle mass, but it is okay to stop when you feel pain

So, to prevent injury, warm up thoroughly

You should initially work out three days a week. Use different exercises to work your;

Click on the part for a workout for each.

Focus your efforts

regain muscle mass

If you are not sure about where you have to put your effort, you are probably wasting it. And, the focus is essential to regain muscle mass. 

Choose a specific muscle or muscle group you want to rebuild and then start training them. 

Talk to a professional about the safest exercises you can do according to your age and lifestyle to regain muscle mass. 


Isolated exercises are beneficial. But, you will not notice results until you work on the neighboring muscles as well.

Accordingly, it is essential to work on your lower body also, if your target is primarily the upper body.

hard work at gym

Also, do not hold on to the same weight or the same number of repeats. Keep on adding weights while you get habitual of the current volume.

And, this is how you will slowly get back to where you left and will be able to regain muscle mass. 

Have a routine to regain muscle mass

Make exercise part of your routine again if you want to regain muscle mass. 

Make time to work out and to train your muscles at least three times a week initially. 

A few squats are great for the lower body, and weight lifting can do great for arms. 

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When you make a hard grip, it helps you manage heavier weights.

Also, it helps build more muscles that are thick furthermore strong.

So, the next time you lift, grip hard. 


You need to give rest to the muscles you want to rebuild.

After you work out, the muscles lose strength and get stronger while healing. This process is called super-compensation.

It makes strength training more effective

Rest also ensures that you have the energy to work out, and it will improve your overall health and mood

So, if you keep in mind the above things, you will be able to regain muscle soon and effectively. 

When you restart, you might not want to stop for rest or slow down. You will be like- “Oh, I have done this before, I can still do it.” But, the fact is you are restarting, and you have to assume that you are starting from zero. 

So, make it slow and efficient. 


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