Quit Smoking: Why and How?

Smoking is the practice of breathing in the smoke of a burning substance. 

There are many things that people smoke, and the most popular of them is tobacco. 

Tobacco is a very addictive and toxic substance. Tobacco makes it hard for people to quit smoking.

quit smoking

People think it to be harmful just for the lungs. Whereas, smoking is bad not only for the person doing it but also for the people nearby. 

So everyone who smokes should know about the ill effects of smoking.  

What happens when you smoke and why you should quit smoking?

Smoking is harmful to you from the moment it enters your body. 


When you breathe in the smoke from your mouth, it starts spoiling your teeth, gums, and your sense of taste.

People who smoke too much have bad breath and stained teeth. It happens as smoke kills good bacteria in the mouth. 

 It also fades the color of your teeth, gums, and lips. 

Tobacco is the cause of lip, tongue, and throat cancer. 

The smoke stays in your mouth for less than five seconds and yet affects this much. Think about the harm it is causing to your body. 

Moreover, the smoke causes tension in the nose and the esophagus. 


Smoking is worse for the lungs. Cough, cold, wheezing, and asthma are just initial problems. 

Smoking causes deadly diseases like pneumonia and lung cancer. It also causes deaths due to Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

It can destroy the air sacs in the lungs, and also cause swelling in breathing tubes.

The good part is that if you quit smoking, you can save yourself. The body heals when you stop smoking. 

quit smoking


Smoking harms the circulatory system. 

The nicotine makes blood vessels tighter. It causes high blood pressure and weakens the blood vessels. 

In simpler words, smoking makes the flow of blood difficult. 

It increases the chances of the formation of clots. It can also affect the arteries supplying blood to the brain. 

All of this can cause various heart diseases and strokes. 

Smoking increases the risk of heart attacks, but if you quit smoking for a long time, you are reducing the risk for your self.

Is it not a strong reason for you to quit smoking? If no, read further. 


Smoking increases the risk of stomach cancers and ulcers. It can also cause the development of kidney cancer. 

More smoking means higher risk, and quit smoking means lower risk. 

It can reduce the formation of insulin, and therefore, increases the risk of type-2 diabetes. 

It also reduces your food intake. 


Smoking increases the risk of a person dying because of stroke. 

It increases the risk of the formation of a bulge in the blood vessels in the brain. 

The bulge in the blood vessel is the result of its weakness. The blood vessel under that situation can rupture or burst. And, this can cause extreme damage to the brain. 

It can be fatal too. 


Smoking decreases the amount of oxygen that goes into your skin.

 It causes premature aging, wrinkles, and your skin looks dull.

 It makes your skin tone yellowish, and your cheeks look hollow. 

You can save yourself from all these if you quit smoking. 

These were some health effects of smoking on the body. How serious are these? Enough to make you quit smoking? 

Tobacco or any substance that people smoke is harmful to the mind and body. 

How can you quit smoking?

quit smoking

Find Yourself A Strong Reason

We do everything with a purpose. A person starts smoking and continues to do it for the sake of the pleasure it gives. 

Find a reason that is stronger than your urge to smoke. Find out what is more valuable to you. 

Recall what the smoke does to your health and the fact that it can harm your family too. 

When you prioritize yourself and your family over your urge, you will be able to quit smoking. 

Remember that it is not easy

It is not as easy as it looks in the above points.

 Instant withdrawal can be harmful to you, so you must recommend a doctor before you quit smoking. 

There are many methods like quit smoking hypnosis and medications that can help you ease the process. 

Replace Nicotine. 

If you are facing problems in quitting and can not retain the urge, find alternatives. 

Also, quitting nicotine can cause health issues at the start. In that case, nicotine gums are very helpful. 

These can help you succeed in quitting smoking. 

Talk to people around you about it. 

Talk to people about you trying to quit smoking. Tell people who always suggested you so, because now these people will help you stay on your decision. 

Go and talk to your loved ones when you feel the urge to light up a cigarette. 

Avoid stress and relax.

Nicotine helps people relax, so when people stress, they smoke. 

To avoid this, find other ways of relaxing, like listening to music, doing a hobby, going out with friends, and family. 

You can go and have a relaxing massage. Avoid stressing too much and stay calm. 

Change Habits

If you have habits like drinking, try to limit that too. One addiction may make it hard for you to quit another addiction. 

Not just drinking, if you usually smoke while drinking tea, shift to coffee, or any other drink, for a few days. 

If you smoke before sleeping, try to do something else at that time, like reading. 

Kick out everything that reminds you of smoking.

Throw out all the cigarettes, ashtrays, etc.

Wash your clothes and clean your house to remove the smell of smoke. 

Spray some air fresheners to relax your mind. 

Stay Active and Eat well.

When you stay active, you can get over your nicotine cravings easily. 

Also, you will face lesser health issues. 

Start walking or jogging or maybe exercising a little to switch to a healthier habit. (why?)

Also, eat healthy food, because your body needs it now. The decrease in food intake has to be replaced by healthy eating.

Give your body what it needs. 

Reward yourself

Set a goal for yourself, ask your family, to help you with it. 

The money you used to spend on cigarettes is now for you to spend on other things. 

These are some ways you can successfully quit smoking. 

Quit smoking today for a better future. 

Share with people who smoke and spread awareness. 




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