What to do during quarantine? The last 7 are super cool!

A lot of nations are following quarantine during the pandemic. It spreads from person to person, so we should all stay at home. It is not easy for all of us, not also for the patients. But, we can follow the rules for our and our family’s well being. 

You might be doing work from home and online classes. But, many of you must also be wondering what to do.

Here is a list of things you can do during Quarantine.

Spend time with your family

Quarantine is giving you a lot of time with your family. You usually don’t get this time in your busy schedules.

So, make use of this and interact with your family members. 

Play games, watch movies and shows together. Have a great time reconnecting, skip the fights, and arguments and live the moment. 

Give time to yourself

You now a lot of time for yourself. Have proper rest and sleep. Do a skincare or haircare routine for yourself. 

If you do not have products at home, try home remedies for your skin and hair

Workout at home

You would be resting all-day now so it would be better to work out a little. Also, you can not excuse yourself now with a lack of time. 

Try doing a simple routine only to keep the body active during the quarantine. 

Click here for a home workout routine. 

Play games and puzzles

There are billions of games on the internet, download those brain teasers and racing challenges. 

Dust off those board games.

Read a novel 

Reading is another thing you can do during the quarantine. There are several novels with different themes, so find one of your interests and enjoy reading. 

You can not and should not step out of your houses, so look for e-books. 

Watch movies or write one

If you are not a reading personality, this one is for you. See all the films and shows on your to-watch list. 

 You can probably write a movie or a play, as well. 

While surviving the quarantine, you might as well unleash your hidden talents. 

Learn a dance routine

Find a dance routine on the internet, make it exciting by choosing a new dance form. 

Practice that routine and show it to your friends after the quarantine. 

Clean up and redecorate

Everybody in the house can take up areas for cleaning the house.

Sanitization is the need for this tough time anyways. 

You can also rearrange and redecorate your houses after the cleaning. 

quarantine wardrobe

Rearrange your wardrobe

Clean and organize your wardrobe to have easy access to your favorite clothes after the quarantine. 

Keep your pajamas and T-shirts in easy access until the quarantine.

Learn a new language. 

Now this one is so interesting. There are many apps on the internet that can help you with this. 

Its time for you to earn new skills, do not lay it waste. 

Follow a blog page 

Find out a blogging website of your interest and read their blogs.

You might get to know something more about your interests. It is another way of being productive.

Start a blog

You can regularly post blogs about your interest and share your knowledge with others.

Your blogs might help others to survive the quarantine. 

quarantine what to do

Write a journal 

You can write a journal with pictures of you and your family spending days in the house. 

Write about everything you did. 

Name it- How I spent the quarantine. 

Is it getting dull?

Okay, Soo!

Do an indoor treasure hunt

Try doing a treasure hunt with your parents, grandparents, siblings and pets and everyone in the house. 

Keep real prices for the winner. 

Make an art book

Do sketching and painting.

Sit at your window and draw the nature, the empty roads.

Paint the sky and the birds and trees. 

Learn paper crafting

You can make a lot of things using paper. Learn some papercrafts from youtube. 

DO NOT WASTE PAPER. Craft from the used paper only. 

Do some of those DIYs

Try making things and outfits through DIYs. 

Post pictures of it on your Instagram and Pinterest. 

Learn and try new hairstyles

Watch videos of self-done hairdos, learn and try them on.

You might get a new look for your after quarantine tours. 

Paint a wall of your room(if your mother won’t kick you out of the house for this)

Grab your brushes and watercolors. 

Paint your favorite cartoon character or nature or any illusion on it. 

Try new recipes

Cook for yourself and everyone else in the house. 

Cook together, make some food and memories. 

Bake cakes and cookies, cook different types of pasta. 

Grow a beard (for all the men out there)

Salons are closed, anyways. Grow a beard, moisturize, comb, and love it. 

Make an excuse about your trimmer- not working. 

When there is so much to do at home, how can you be bored?

Stay safe and stay indoors. Make use of this time to explore new things. 


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