How to boost your metabolism? 2020 edition- simplest ways

Metabolism is one of the chemical processes of the body. The rate of metabolism is different for each one of us.

Have you come across people who eat a lot but still manage to control their weights? Or, people who do not get tired often? It is because of their fast metabolic rate. 

In this post, we will discuss What is metabolism?, What it does?, and How you can speed it up? 

What is metabolism?    

It is a set of chemical processes that our bodies go through as a result of which, we get energy. In simple words, metabolism is the engine that burns calories all day. 

It deals with the breaking down of food and its conversion into energy and building blocks for the nutrients. 

Metabolism includes the digestion of food and its transportation to the various cells of our body. 

The speed of your metabolism is called the metabolic rate. It is the number of calories burned in a given time, and it varies from person to person. 

The faster your metabolic rate is, the more calories you burn and concurrently need. 


Can you speed up your metabolism?

Although metabolism is stable, there are always a few things you can do to boost it. 

Some of these ways will give you instant energy. But, if you add these to your lifestyle, you can significantly boost your metabolism. 

How can you boost your metabolism?

You can boost your metabolism slowly by doing the following things. Adding these to your routine can give long term benefits. 

Never starve yourself.


Hunger can be very harmful to the body. When you feel hungry, your body needs calories. 

If the body does not get enough calories, it decreases the metabolic rate to compensate. 

So, the more you starve, the more your body has to slow down the burning process. 

Eat those Proteins. 

Proteins boost your metabolic rate by 15-30% for a few hours. 

Proteins contain amino acids, and these are difficult for the body to breakdown. So, it takes more calories to make them absorb-able, which means you burn more calories than usual. 

10-35% of your calorie intake in a day should come from proteins.  

Proteins are also good for your immunity.  

Eggs, broccoli, and some pulses are some of the richest sources of protein. These are among the healthiest foods too.  

Drink more water (easiest way to increase metabolism)


Giving a quick boost to your metabolism is as simple as drinking a glass of water. 

Yes! You read it right.

Studies show that water can make your body burn more calories. And, in this case, cold water is more effective than warm water. 

It is because cold water requires your body’s energy to bring it to your body temperature. And, this means that more calories are getting used in doing so. 

Also, water makes you feel full. So, if you drink water half an hour before your meals, you will eat lesser than usual. 

Sleep well

Lack of sleep can cause a significant 2.6% decrease in the metabolic rate of the body. 

It also increases hunger and makes you eat more and frequently. 

It decreases the fullness of hormone leptin

An unhealthy sleeping pattern can cause a decrease in stamina and immunity as well. 

Do the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


High-Intensity Interval Training causes a quick and intense burst of activities. And, to be able to perform that, our body needs energy. 

To fulfill the sudden need for energy, your body uses more calories and burns them at a faster rate. 

Mix a few high-intensity exercises to your usual workout routine. 

You can find some of such workouts here. 

Eat breakfast.

healthy food

Breakfast is no doubt is the most important meal of the day concerning metabolism.

Also, people who skip breakfast have a comparatively low metabolic rate than people who do. 

So, breakfast is important in many other ways, as well. (What are those ways?)

 There are a lot of foods you can have for breakfast. A few of them are listed here. 

Drink Green tea/ Organic tea


Green tea can speed up your metabolic rate by 4-6%. 

These are low on calories and exceptionally healthy for weight loss and weight control. 

It converts the stored fats in your body to fatty acids.

There are many more benefits of green tea. You can find out those here- Benefits of Green tea.

There are many other ways and food that can boost your metabolic rate instantly.


Metabolism is an essential bodily process, and it gives us the energy to do all kinds of work. 

Its rate varies from person to person but still, there are many things you can do to speed it up. The boost might last for a shorter time but is yet helpful for the body. 

But, the above-listed ways are something you can incorporate in your lifestyle and apply forever. 



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