How to maintain muscle mass during quarantine? These are my hacks

Maintain muscle mass, everyone wants to learn the techniques and hacks that are actually very useful. These are personal hacks that I am actually doing and seriously guys it’s really working.

When you switch from an active to an inactive schedule, your body also feels changes. As you stay inactive for a week or so, the body and the muscles get habitual of the inactiveness. 

Don’t want this? of course not then do not skip any point

When your muscles adapt to this reduction in muscle use, the muscle mass starts dropping. You may have no other choice than being inactive ( maybe due to an injury). But, if you still want to maintain muscle mass, then you have to do something for it. 

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Many of us are not able to go to the gym because of the pandemic, and nobody wants to lose muscle mass.  

Long-term inactivity can cause other health drawbacks, as well. Like, reduced metabolic rate, decreased insulin sensitivity, and increased fat. 

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Below are the things you can do to maintain muscle mass;

So, how to maintain muscle mass at home?

No one wants to lose hard-gained muscles just like that, especially when you can still be active. 

Consume enough calories-

maintain muscle mass

Look into your daily caloric intake to meet the demands of your body. The body will need more calories to maintain muscle mass.

Have a balanced diet. A diet rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich meats is essential for muscle growth and health.

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Have more protein-(Important if you want to maintain muscle mass)

Eat more and more proteins. It will enhance your strength-building efforts. Protein intake can help you maintain muscle mass. 

Eggs, broccoli, and some pulses are some of the richest sources of protein. These are among the healthiest foods too.  

“In one study, a professional athlete was consuming up to around 2.5 grams of protein per pound of body mass—much more than the average person would require—and this resulted in half the muscle loss that would have taken place otherwise.”

Drink more water

Keep your body hydrated. Water flushes out toxins from the body and helps in muscle growth. Water helps to maintain muscle mass. 

Drink at least 3 liters of water per day. 

Water boosts metabolism (How?). It also supports the immune system. (How?) 

Amino acid intake

Essential Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. These are essential for building muscle mass. Protein synthesis relies on the presence of amino acids. Through this process, muscle tissue is rebuilt and repaired after a workout. Hence it will help maintain muscle mass too. 

maintain muscle mass

 If you ensure the intake of all eight essential amino acids, it will help further maximize the effects of the protein intake. It will help to curb muscle loss during long periods of inactivity.

You can get the essential amino acids from food, such as meat, eggs, nuts, and beans. 

Bodyweight exercises-

People usually think that they need heavy equipment and training in the gym for a muscular body. But, the good news is, that you can do bodyweight workout at home and that too, without any equipment and still see results. 

If you are already a gym person, you will find these easy, and doing these will help you maintain muscle mass. 

bodyweight exercises

You can do these exercises at home, without any equipment.  

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Have proper rest- 

You need to give rest to the muscles you want to rebuild.

After you work out, the muscles lose strength and get stronger while healing. This process is called super-compensation.

It makes strength training more effective. If you are doing simpler workouts at home, this does not mean that you don’t need rest. You do, and you should, if you want to maintain muscle mass. 

Stay active

If you were a beginner in the gym, and still do not want to lose the little gains you earned, then you can do these basic exercises. 

These workouts will help you stay active at home. 

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These are the things you can do at home to maintain muscle mass at home, while you can not head to the gym. 

A person who desires to stay always finds a way to do so. 

Stay safe, stay fit. 

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