How To Train Serratus | How To Exercise Serratus Anterior | 8 Best Exercises

It looks like a serrated knife, thus the name, and while it’s generally thought of as the cherry on top of a chiseled bodybuilding physique, it has a lot of application for strength athletes, too. The serratus muscle stretches along the top of the eight to nine upper ribs. Today From my side I will give you the 5 best exercises on how to train serratus.

It’s also called the muscle of the fighter because it assists with forwarding arm movement and gives the punches a little distance, but while it can also assist with horizontal moving movements, it also adds a lot to the stability and power of the overhead press.

It’s an integral part of the shoulder fitness of an athlete rather than anything else, adding to shoulder power, flexibility, and agility. In specific, it helps with scapular stability and wellbeing and functions during shoulder flexion with the lower and upper traps to rotate the shoulder blades upwards. The serratus stabilizes them against the rib cage by making the scraps back away, which helps open the chest and proper posture.



Here are my six favorite sculptors on how to train Serratus.

At the end of this post, I’ve also included a 6-week serratus training programme because I love you. Men, get to work!

The Pullovers

How To Train Serratus

The pullover can be accomplished with one or two dumbbells, a barbell, or a cable, the old-school bodybuilding classic (that really needs to make a comeback). The strength of this motion is that it operates concurrently with the chest and back, helping to create the lats and chest while still carving a nice, jagged-looking serratus. The number 1 exercise on how to train serratus.

Ab Wheel

Have you ever seen how the ab wheel launch looks like an upside down pullover with dumbbells? The ab wheel is also a brutally powerful core workout that will help just about any fitness competitor jack up their core strength, a piece of fitness equipment that appears to get lumped in with infomercial items like the Shake Weight. Bonus: along with your six-pack, it can create your serratus. Concentrate and keep your back close on the stretch at the top.

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Scapular Plane Shoulder Raises

how to train serratus

According to Steve Horney, DPT, CSCS, a physical therapist based in New York City, “These are my favorite exercises because of the EMG activity they carry while limiting potential impingement.” “Doing the raises on a single leg increases the input of proprioception to the brain, which helps with adequate pain control, so your buck is a great bang.”

Dip Shrug

Add a little shrug at the end to reach the serratus and add some more bulk to the upper back next time you’re doing dips.

Bear Crawls

how to exercise serratus anterior
How To Train Serratus

For any upper body exercise, bear crawls are a dynamite way of warming up. In the wrists, shoulders, and chest, they stabilize and enhance endurance; they test the heart and physical stability; they boost mobility and coordination; and if you want to do them with straight arms, your serratus will also be struck. At a sluggish and managed speed, try crawling for 50 to 100 total yards.

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Serratus Cable Crunch

how to train serratus

This is the hidden tool, maybe the perfect weighted serratus workout. Stand by a high cable with a D-handle and put your right hand on the serratus while you’re pulling down on your left arm to help you hit it better. To bring actual size and power to the serratus, shoot for 6 to 12 reps.

Dead-Stop Pushups

The dead-stop pushup is the best way of practicing and checking the pushup. You suppress the stretch reflex by having to completely stop and pause at the foot. This makes the muscles work way harder than normal.

But don’t just push up to the top spot on the plank. I want you to drive your hands into the floor, because your upper back is really, really rounded out. This would trigger your serratus completely and make your abs contract tighter as well.

Uh, bonus! Do dead stops sometimes and I promise you can go up with your pushup totals and bench press loads. As an upper-body or core exercise, either plug this move into a circuit or perform as many reps as you can in 10 minutes.


How To Train Serratus
How To Train Serratus

These are easy, but lethal ones. Do pushups in lieu of your hands on your forearms. This not only isolates the muscle of your serratus, but it also removes support from your triceps.

  1. In 30 seconds, do as many plank-ups as you can. Then do as many pushups as you can in 30 seconds, automatically. Please rest for 30 seconds. It’s 1 round. Do up to 5 rounds in total.

Made this harder by adding each session 5 seconds to each job time.

  1. Do as many plankups as you can, and do as many pushups as you can, then. To end the next chest or upper-body day, this is a perfect finisher.

Make sure the rep total goes up for each session for both exercises.

6-Week Serratus Training Programme

The 6-Week Workout for Serratus Sculptor

Do this exercise on a weekly basis, one to three times.

The Warmup

At a steady and regulated tempo, do 50 plank ups in as few sets as possible. At the top place with a rounded back, make sure to always pinch for at least a count on each rep. Then do 50 rotational punches with the total dumbbell (25 per side), reaching and lengthening with each punch as much as you can.

Dead-Stop Pushups

Do 5 to 10 reps, resting for the remainder of each minute.

When you can perform 100 total reps in 10 minutes at an average of 10 reps per minute, raise the difficulty by doing them on one leg (switch legs from minute to minute), elevating the foot, or wearing a weight belt.

Intervals for Boxing

Shadow box, or strike a hard bag straight for 3 minutes and then stop for a minute. It’s 1 round. Do 5 rounds in all.

Finisher for Bear Crawl

Do 10 minutes of variants on the bear crawl.

Just one rule exists: Don’t pause.

Chest Presses of the Tabata Band

In 20 seconds, do as many Band Chest Press reps as you can. Per 20 seconds, try to get at least 10 reps. As you continue to tyre, step closer to the anchor point to reduce the pressure so that this minimum rep total can be reached.

“Then, with your arms fully locked out and extended (you’re still working muscles), “stop for 10 seconds.

It’s 1 round. Do 4 rounds in all, then rest for a minute. Echo one more.

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