How to lose fat? |Most effective and simple ways to lose fat

A lot of people look for an answer to the question- How to lose weight. Very few ask about how to lose fat? 

There is a big difference between losing fat and losing weight. When you lose weight you are likely to lose both weight and muscles.

And, a loss in muscles slows down metabolism. It causes slow digestion and increases the possibilities of weight gain. 

how to loose weight

Whereas, losing fat certainly deals with losing the stored body fat.

The process of fat loss sometimes facilitates muscle gain too. And, vice verse, muscle gain is an amazing way to lose fat.

So the important question here should be how to lose fat? 

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Why lose fat? (weird question but everyone must know)

Fat does not only looks bad but can cause many health issues. Having stored fats can cause heart diseases, and type 2 diabetes.

So, losing fat becomes vital for health benefits and longer life.

But, the question is how to lose fat?

Losing fat is not an easy task but these simple tips will help you make it easy.


how to lose fat

Added sugars are harmful to health and metabolism. 

Sugar contains fructose which is difficult for the liver to break down and hence it turns into fats. And, a large amount of sugar means a large amount of fructose which ultimately leads to massive accumulation of fats.

Liquid sugar is even worse.

So, by avoiding sugar you will have no accumulated fats in the first place. 

And, if you are planning on losing the fat that is already accumulated, avoiding sugar will help you a lot with it. (You should know that you can not ask how to lose fat with a doughnut in your hand.)

Try to minimize the amount of sugar in your diet, and to eliminate sugary drinks.


how to lose fat

Cutting on carbs helps in losing fat faster as it reduces your appetite.

A low carb diet also leads to a quick reduction of water weight which gives instant results.

When you cut on carbs your body starts to feed upon the stored fats for energy which leads to the burning of accumulated fats. 

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So, reducing carb intake is one of the best answers to how to lose fat? 


Protein is an essential nutrient for body growth as well as for fat and weight loss.

It does its work of reducing the fat by killing the cravings by boosting metabolism, leading you to eat fewer calories and losing the fat eventually. 

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Adding protein portions to your diet will not just lead you closer to your aim of losing the fat but also help you avoid regaining it.

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These dietary changes are so effective that once you build a habit of these and you would never have to ask- how to lose fat? again. 


Fiber helps you stay full for longer as they bind with water, form a gel, and stay in your stomach making the food move slowly in the digestive system- slowing down digestion and absorption.

Therefore, the soluble dietary fibers that are mostly ingestible plant waste can help you a lot with losing the fat.

The best way to get more fiber is to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Legumes are also a good source of this along with some cereals like whole oats.

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“Start working out” is the first answer you will get when you ask how to lose fat.

You need to start with aerobic exercise like walking, running, swimming, etc

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Exercise prevents re-gaining abdominal fat hence helps in weight maintenance.

Exercise also leads to reducing inflammation, lower blood sugar levels, and improves metabolism.

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There can be no better answer than these tips to your question- how to lose fat? 

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