How To Do The Muscle Up Successfully | Best Method (Updated)

There’s one that is guaranteed to impress more than any other exercise: it’s the muscle-up. It takes strength, pace, and coordination for this dynamic yet very full bodybuilding exercise. The entire upper body is exercised: the back, elbows, pecs, arms (biceps and triceps), forearms, and even the abdomen.

The challenge of the month: muscle-up, a bodybuilding exercise involving strength, concentration, and above all… A few exercise sessions.

Enjoy your exercise!

how to do a muscle up
Learn How To Do The Muscle Up

What Is A Muscle Up?

Well, you all guys very well know what’s a muscle up but it’s my duty to tell you some technical terms. t’s a mix of pull-ups and dips: you quickly follow it up with a dip instead of stopping at the start of the movement.

The workout breaks down into the following 3 movements:

The pull up: I pull my body up, behind the bar (and not like a traditional pull-up under the bar)

The Transition: I pull up and over the fixed bar with the body

Repulsions or dips: to hit the upper position, I press up on my arms

Progressing On How To Do The Muscle Up. We Got…

How All Can Do The Muscle Up?

Some Preparation is necessary prior to trying out the muscle-up.

You must be able to do about fifteen pull-ups and twenty dips under your own body weight in order to provide the power needed to perform the motion. Take this as a benchmark, but it does not indicate that at this level you will actually be able to do a muscle-up.

Powerful exercises for Calisthenics

Even if you are powerful enough in order to do the muscle-up, you need to have learned the exercise to be able to do it quickly enough.

Calisthenics Workout For Beginner’s

Let’s Dive Into It.

Learning How To Do The Muscle Up?

Muscle-ups require both the power of pulling and pushing. Our fail-safe progressions will brace your body for each element, so you will be ready with the grace and strength of a gymnast to overcome the rig.

Chest To Bar Pullup (4 Sets of 5-6 Reps)

Your first move is to create the capacity to conduct a muscle-up. With regulated pull-ups, this can be achieved. Hang with an overhand grip below a bar, slightly broader than the width of your shoulder, and your arms are fully extended.
At 90 degrees, keep your knees close together and twisted while you lift your chest up to meet the bar. Keep at the top for a second, until you lower back down under control.

how to do the muscle up

Straight Arm Pull Down (4 sets of 6-8 Reps)

Remove stress from your biceps and separate your larger muscles in your back. Loop a resistance band around the bar and at hip width, adopt an overhand grip on the band. Get off the bar so that your arms are upright, your lats spread out. Without folding your wrists, draw the band down and put your hands to your shoulders. Keep for a second, then the shift is reversed.

Hip To Bar Pull-up (3 sets of 3-4 Reps)

It is difficult to master to produce enough strength to get your hips to the counter. Start at the hanging location of the pull-up, then squeeze your shoulders back and down. To build a “kipping” motion, swing your legs.

Using the same action as a straight arm pull-down, lift yourself as your knees shift forward, driving your hips to the bar. Push away and swing out your legs for rep two.

Straight Bar Dip (4 sets of 4-6 reps)

This dip upgrade will not only improve the strength of your shoulder, triceps, and chest; it will also teach you to keep your core strong.

Set a barbell at the height of your upper abs in a rack. Stretch your arms and put your shoulders over the counter. Dip your shoulders, then bend your elbows until you hit the bar to touch your chest. For lockout, push back up.

Trying Bar Muscle Up

The bar muscle-up is an advanced maneuver, but follow this step-by-step guide and with tight technique, you can learn to perform it. Soon, to complete this hardest exercise, you’ll be able to put together multiple reps.

how to do the muscle up

Step 1: First by pushing down the lats and shoulders, build an “active” hanging under the handle. From here when thinking of opening and closing your shoulders, produce the kip swing by tensing your glutes and abs. Your legs are supposed to move in front (hollow position) and behind you (arched position), but your body is supposed to remain balanced. Now the time has come to pull strong.

Step 2: Pull down on the bar from the hollow body posture using your back and shoulders, your arms straight. To hit your hands, raise your legs, then push your head over the bar forward. If you want to produce adequate energy to carry you over the counter, whipping your head is key. Get yourself in the swing of it.

Step 3: The muscle-up is only a push away with the trickiest aspect of the move done. To press your body upward from the bottom of a dip place, call on the strength you created in the final progression step. Hold your heart tense and your legs straight ahead of you. Take the time to revel at the top as to how far you have come.

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