Cable Squats 101- How To Get Powerful Legs?

Squats are one of the best exercises for powerful legs and have many more benefits. Adding a cable to your regular squats adds a ton of benefits and makes the exercise even better.

Know more about cable squats- form, benefits, muscles worked, and much more in the article below. Find out if you can have powerful legs with cable squats.

Starting with some of the most asked questions about cable squats.

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1. What is a cable squat?

A cable is attached to a machine such that you can pull it while doing your regular squats. The other end of the cable offers you to attach some weights and make it a weighted cable squat.

Whereas, adding weights is completely your choice. Usually people prefer cable squats with the added weights, because that is what makes the exercise intense and more beneficial.

There are many other exercises done with machines that make up a perfect leg day workout.

2. Are Cable squats effective?

Yes, definitely. These are great to improve your form, prevent you from injuries, and are great for building strength.

So, when you do squats with free weights (barbells), you have the correct form and you have maximum prevention from injury.

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3. Are cables better than free weights?

cable squats

It is important to have both these exercises(barbell and cable squats) in your routine.

We can never say that a type of weight is better than the other because both have some unique features of their own.

For barbell or free weight squats, it includes more muscle fibers, the resistance is less, it can be moved freely(you can go out and squat in the garden with your barbell), and many more.

For cable squats, the resistance may not be as high but, they engage the core(transverse abdominis) that is a stabilizing muscle fiber. They also allow you to have a greater range of motion during the exercise.

If you can build muscles with your body weight, I think cables can do just fine too.

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4. How to do cable squats?

Follow these steps carefully to do a perfect cable squat.

cable squats
  • Stand in front of a cable machine, with your feet shoulder-width apart and feet facing forward. 
  • Keep the cable and attachment low, in front of your feet. 
  • Grab the attachment and slowly lower your body like you do while you squat.
  • Engage your core and do not slouch your shoulders.
  • Your knees should be aligned with your toes. 
  • Squeeze your glute muscles while coming back to the initial position.
  • Bring the attachment closer to you by pulling the cable and folding your elbows. (see the image.)
  • Repeat.

5. What are the benfits of cable squats?

As I said initially, cable squats have a ton of benefits and some of them are;

  • They improve the stability of your knees.
  • They strengthen the tissue in the knees that help in connecting.
  • These can be very beneficial to increase strength.
  • These also improve your form.
  • Cable squats allow you to have greater mobility during a workout.
benefits of cable squats

Talking generally, Squats offer many other benefits like;

  • Improves ankle and hip mobility
  • Improves body alignment and posture.
  • Activate a lot of muscles in your lower and upper body. 
  • It does not only improves flexibility but helps maintain joints.
  • Squats help to burn calories at a faster rate.
  • It Strengthens your lungs and heart. (Yes! It does!)
  • Squats help to keep the bones strong.
  • It stimulates the digestive system and the circulatory system.
  • Moreover, it leads to many sorts of postural improvements.

So this was everything you should know about cable squats.


Be it a body weight workout, one with cables or one with free weights, each one has unique benefits.

It is important to have all types of exercises in your workout routine.

All the Best.

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