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A lot of people like to workout out alone in a comfortable space or do not feel like spending much on the gym, so they do a home gym setup. 

If you are one of these groups of people or you have your own reason for doing a home gym setup. 

Here are some best home gym setup ideas for you. 

These simple things will help you with everything you would like for an entire fat burning or muscle building body transformation. These are some of the must-have essential home gym setup ideas and equipments. 

7 essential home gym setup ideas! 

1: Squat Rack With a Pull Up Bar

home gym setup ideas

First, you need a squat rack in your home gym with a pull-up bar. It is one of the best home gym setup ideas as this way you can do the large movements like squat, rack pulls, and bench presses safely and have the multi-purpose benefits. 

Make sure you make an investment in a strong, quality-built rack. When you’re loading up weights on a bar, your rack should be able to carry the weights.  The internet is already filled with fitness fail videos with equipment breaking, and I am sure that you do not want to be the face of one such video.

Spend the money and invest in quality for once. It will last for a long time and you will not regret the investment ever. 

Pro-tip for this home gym setup idea is to place it in front of the mirror wall. So, whenever you squat or do a pull up you can see yourself doing the hard work. 

2: Adjustable Bench


The next home gym setup idea is to have an adjustable bench along with the squat rack. A quality adjustable bench that can be set at least from flat up to 45 degrees incline would be good to go. 

Pro-tip for this home gym setup idea is to have the bench placed near the squat rack. 

3: Barbell &  Plates

home gym setup ideas

The next thing you’ll need to invest in is a bar and some bumper plates. Now this one of the obvious and basic home gym setup ideas, you will need. 

Again, you will have to spend your money on a strong bar that would stay with you for a long time. You are going to load a lot of weights on this thing and will sometimes drop it as well. 

You don’t have to like to spend a lot, but you do need to think about your safety and make a smart decision.

Step it up and obtain a true bar that may not be bending or cracking. Also, see for the weigh it can bear and do not load more than that. 

For the plates, the only thing you need to worry about is the weight. So as long as the plates aren’t missing chunks they are good to go. 

Pro-tip is to keep the bar on the squat rack with your regular weights loaded on it. These little home gym setup ideas will make your home gym look fancy. 

Keep the other plates stacked up beside the rack.  

4: Dumbbells


Another one from the basic home gym setup ideas is dumbbells. They are one of the most versatile pieces of training equipment you can have as they allow you to perform both unilateral and bilateral movements and offer the greatest range of motion and versatility.

Get dumbbells of weights that suit you.  The key is to see if you have got enough variety in weights to perform all kinds of isolation and compound exercises.

The pro tip for this is one of the coolest home gym set up ideas is to keep the dumbbells in an ascending or descending order next to your plates. 

5: Kettlebells


It is one of the unique home gym setup ideas and equipment because of its unique design. It comes with a thick handle and the off-centered weight distribution can provide some unique benefits in strength training, posterior chain development, grip strength, and coordination.

Start with what you would like for now and like everything else, expand as necessary while you progress together with your training.

The Pro-tip is again to have these kept near all the other weights. These home gym setup ideas are open for your personal touch of space management. 

6: Medicine Balls


This is one of the most avoided equipment in, home gym setup ideas. You will let these go if you’re trying to be budget-conscious, but these are often especially great for ab workouts and metabolic conditioning training.

There’s no other exercise quite like the medicine ball slam for head to toe power, explosive core strength development and torching excess body fat.

The Pro-tip is to let them be on the floor somewhere near the mirror wall, or if you have space then again near the other weights. 

7: Jump rope 

home gym setup ideas

Finally, we’ve our cardio equipment for the part of last home gym setup ideas.

The key with this is often to ditch the old treadmill and elliptical, and instead choose a high-intensity cardio piece so you’ll get in quick, ultra-effective sessions in, not waste time watching the house channel as you walk on a hamster wheel.

A good old fashioned skipping rope is the best place to start. 

Pro-tip is to hand the rope anywhere in the gym room or garage.

And that is it about the 7 Must-Have Essentials and some home gym setup ideas. 

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The home gym setup ideas should be according to your convenience, depending upon the space you have. The home gym setup ideas I shared are just some basic fancy looking ones. You may have shelves to keep weights on, or maybe some other ideas. But the 7 pieces of equipment I shared, are a must-have for any of your home gym setup ideas. You may add more to your cart but do not forget any of these.

Share your home gym setup suggestions in the comments section below.  

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