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Always wanted to work out in a gym but never wanted to join one? Well, why to join when you can have a gym of your own? These 7 home gym essentials for beginners will help you with the things you must have as a beginner in a home gym. 

A lot of us had decided to join a gym finally for our summer body goals. But, the pandemic has got everything shut and gyms are not reopening anytime soon in many countries. But, there is nothing to worry about. With these gym essentials for beginners, you can set up your home gym and still workout.  

Before talking about the home gym essentials for beginners, here are a few things you should take care of. 

Work According To The Space You Have.  

home gym essentials for beginners

It is the most important aspect if you are planning to set up a home gym or planning to work out at home or even thinking of doing yoga. You should choose your workout type according to the space you have. 

Avoid Big Machines As A Beginner. 

home gym essentials for beginners

If you are legit starting from the base, you do not need that much equipment or machines. You can start with 

All of these will help you have a nice start to your workout goals. Big machines initially will not help you with anything that will just add up to space and budget.  

Go For Second Hand. 

If you need some big machines like a cycling machine or a treadmill, GO for second hand. A lot of people out there are willing to sell, so find your self a seller. 

Do not forget to sanitize everything before you get it into your house and use it.   

Get A Mirror. 

It is one of the home gym essentials for beginners and everyone else. A mirror helps you keep a check on your posture. 

Most people feel it as a waste of money but trust me it is worth it. You will have a different vibe and energy when you workout while looking at your self. 

Get A Workout Plan At Low Rates. 

Cheap gym Plans
My Writing Is Bad, But Knowledge Is Dope.

If you know your goals, go for apps that provide you with workout routines, Some apps out there are really affordable. 

You can e-mail us for a workout plan (under $20) according to your convenience and body type or text us on our Instagram page for a proper conversation about the same. 

E-Mail Address- earnthroughpassion@gmail.com

Instagram Page- @bodybuildingmanual

People prefer youtube and other free stuff, but I would not prefer you that for one big reason that you never know if that will suit your body type or no.

For paid stuff, you can be sure and trust the workout you are doing. 

Coming to the main point of what are the must-have things in a home gym? or home gym essentials for beginners. 

5 Home Gym Essentials For Beginners. 

Yoga Mat

home gym essentials

So, the number one on the list is a Yoga mat. It is useful for a lot many things other than yoga.

It helps your feet have a better grip on the floor and keeps you from falling out of imbalance. Also, you would not want to lay down on the floor, so a yoga mat is at your rescue. 

Resistance bands

home gym essentials for beginners

This one is among the underrated home gym essential for beginners. Resistance bands for beginners are good for stretching and strength training. 

You can increase the intensity of many of your bodyweight workouts with these. 


Although bodyweight workouts are great as a beginner but, adding on a little weight is also okay. You can have dumbbells for upper body workouts and as one of your home gym essentials for beginners. (You finally have a piece of real gym equipment for your home gym now.)

Weights are good for both fat loss and muscle building, so whatever your goal is, light dumbbells will help you with it. 

Weight recommendation: 1-4 kg.


Another one from the list of underrated home gym essentials for beginners. 

Kettlebells will help you with adding resistance to your bodyweight workouts and will help you with weight training, as well. 

Weight recommendations: 5-8 kg. 


Plates will help you increase the intensity of your cardio workouts or HIIT. 

I personally, love working out with plates. So, you should get a pair of them. 

Weight recommendations: 5-8 kg. 

So, these were the 5 home gym essentials for beginners. Set up your home gym and get going with your workouts. 

Order online, being on the safer side. Disinfect everything before you set it up and use it. 

Tell us your favorite home gym essential in the comments section below. 

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