What Is Fashion Nova And Fashion Nova Care? With #Blacklivesmatter

What is Fashion Nova?

fashion nova cares

Fashion Nova is an American fashion retail company that mainly operates online, but has stores in five locations.

I was found by Richard Saghian in 2006. Its headquarters is in LA, California, U.S.

What are the collaborations made by Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova released their first line of collaboration with Cardi B in November, 2018 and the second one again with Cardi B in May, 2019.

The first collaboration of Fashion Nova with Cardi B was named “Party with Cardi” and the second one was another season of the same.

Fashion Nova has been sponsored by many celebrities and influencers.


What is Fashion Nova Cares?

According to fashionnova.com; On June 3, 2020, Fashion Nova Cares was created for a positive social impact. It was created with a motive to spend $1 million dollars throughout 2020 in donations for community resources and activism, awareness campaigns and other initiatives to help in the fight for racial equality and opportunity.

They will initially make donations to three organizations that they feel are currently on the frontlines for change: Black Lives Matter, NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Educations, Know Your Rights Camp.

They said they will continue to support various organizations and initiatives throughout 2020 and are actively working on that plan.

So, Fashion Nova Cares is a great initiative by Fashion Nova which is emerging as a popular brand among the youth. Such initiatives from their side will encourage its followers and the youth to stand for such social causes as well.

Also, it is a great way to help out individuals, communities and organisations that are suffering due to all of this.

#Blacklivesmatter on social media is trending worldwide and so is Fashion Nova.

The initiative by Fashion Nova is primarily to support the black lives matter campaign through their Fashion Nova Cares platform.

Fashion Nova said; “ Fashion Nova plans to use our platform Fashion Nova Cares to initiate change and impact for #Blacklivesmatter and the extensive injustices the Black community has endured. We are working on ways to get involved not only in times of crisis but on an ongoing basis.

Our community of customers, creators, ambassadors and employees make up our DNA and we will continue to support you as you have continued to support us.”

#Blacklivesmatter is probably the greatest campaign going on with protests amidst a pandemic and Fashion Nova through their Fashion Nova Cares platform is doing well on their part.

What is “Fashion Nova cares with Cardi B”?

fashion nova cares

Fashion nova cares with Cardi B is yet another collaboration of Fashion Nova with rapper Cardi B. Not for a clothing collection but for a greater cause this time.

Fashion Nova cares with Cardi B is a coronavirus relief project, launched on 8th April, 2020.

Fashion Nova Cares x Cardi B is a giveaway, where Fashion Nova Cares with Cardi B have pledged to donate $1 million dollars that will be $1,000 every hour to 1,000 recipients.
These recipients will be those impacted worldwide by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Fashion Nova said, “We know how important it is to stay united in these times, and we knew we had to do something big to give back to our loving community around the world.”

Fashion Nova cares also shared how Cardi B has a great role in the initiative because of her global reach and also how the global reach of the brand has been helpful in making the initiative a success.

Fashion Nova Cares said; “The moment Cardi announced our partnered relief fund, stories flooded in. By May 19, 2020, we had received over 1.5 million submissions, accounts of love, loss, strength, and resilience–which continue to inspire and move us today.

Our reach was truly global, as we were able to donate 1 million dollars to individuals in all 50 states and 21 countries. We are incredibly honored to have been able to help 1,000 individuals and their families across the globe.

We thank those who have shared their stories with us, and Cardi B for partnering with us. Remember, in these tough times we’re all in this together.”

Both the initiatives by Fashion Nova through a platform like Fashion Nova Cares is a great thought and action. We need more such brands that put a great influence on the customers and stand with what is right.

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