Full-body dumbbell exercises | Top Dumbbell exercises

Dumbbell exercises can be helpful in gaining muscles or losing weight if you want to know how? Just keep reading. Utilize this time in the best way possible.

Have you ever thought of doing a full-body workout with just dumbbell exercises? Do you know the best dumbbell exercises you can do? 

Well, trust me that these dumbbell exercises will target your whole body. 

Dumbbell exercises

If you don’t want to get into dumbbell exercises, try some bodyweight home workout. (What are these?)

If you do not like that too, try these five basic exercises to stay fit. 

For now, let’s do this dumbbell workout with some of the best dumbbell exercises.

CHEST PRESS (One of the best dumbbell exercises, for the chest.)

Why should you do it?

It is one of the best exercises that engage all the chest muscles. 

Chest press targets the upper, middle, and lower pectorals. It is challenging but the pain is worth it. 

How should you do it? 

  • Lay on a bench or ground with a pair of dumbbells. 
  • Keep your back straight and chest. 
  • Push the dumbbells towards the roof. 
  • Keep your palms up and flex your chest muscles while doing so. 
  • Keep your core tight and tilt your chin towards the chest. 
  • Bring back the dumbbells and repeat the move. 

NOTE- If you find the dumbbells light, slow down the movement to ensure intensity. The trick applies to all the dumbbell exercises. 

What are the other bodyweight chest workouts that you can do at home?

SHOULDER DUMBBELL PRESS (One of the best dumbbell exercises, for shoulders and tricep.)

Dumbbell exercises
This remembers me of G(old) times

Why should you do it?

Shoulder dumbbell press targets the anterior deltoids and triceps. It involves your complete body. Also, it is one of the best exercises for strong and muscular shoulders.

How should you do it?

  • Stand with your hands next to your shoulders, holding a dumbbell in each hand. 
  • Keep the dumbbells on your front shoulders.
  • Now, press the dumbbells over your head.
  • Lock your elbows at the top.
  • Hold the dumbbells at the top for a second.
  • Get back to the initial position with the dumbbells at your front shoulders and repeat.

Note- Do not move your legs; try to keep them straight.

What are the other effective shoulder workouts?

Hammer curls (One of the must-do dumbbell exercises, for biceps.)

Dumbbell exercises

Why should you do it?

I love hammer curls. (This is not the reason you should do them.)

 But, my reason for loving hammer curls will pump you to do it. 

Hammer curls work your biceps as well as your forearms. These are easy and more worthwhile than they look. 

How should you do it?

  • Hold dumbbells in your hands like you hold a hammer. 
  • Pull up the dumbbell as you curl, perform this by switching sides.

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Deadlifts (One of the must-do dumbbell exercises, for the lower body.)

Why should you do it?

Deadlifts are the most complex and challenging exercise to do and correctly. It is the most effective for your lower body as well as the lower back. It includes hamstrings, glutes, thighs, lower back, and many more muscles. What are the other leg exercises you can do?

How should you do it?

  •  Stand with the feet shoulder-width apart, weight should be in front. 
  • Hinge from the hips and lower weights towards the floor, the shoulder should be tight, and back should be straight.
  • Lift the dumbbells back while keeping them in touch with your legs. 

Tip- Do not leave the contact between dumbbells and legs until you reach the knees. 

Are there any bodyweight leg exercises?

Bicycle (Not one of the dumbbell exercises, still very effective.)

Why should you do it?

Bicycle exercises and its variations are the best way to engage your core by doing single exercises. I know they pretty difficult but trust me this will give you some serious gains or lose weight as well.

How should you do it?

  • Bring both knees to the chest as you lie down on the ground or a mat. 
  • Twist your body as you straighten your left leg, bring the left elbow towards the right knee. 
  • Repeat both sides like your cycling. 

Note- A Do 3-4 sets 10-15 reps. 

What are the other bodyweight exercises you can do? 

Goblet Squat(One of the must-do dumbbell exercises, for glutes and thighs.)

Why should you do it?

Are you a newbie or beginner or a hard gainer? Goblet squats are best for all. You can gain or lose weight with this exercise but with different implications. What are these implications?

 How should you do it?

  • Stand with feet wide according to your shoulder width. 
  • Hold a dumbbell with your both hands, in front of you, hang it between your legs. 
  •  Sit back to do a squat, and stand back up.

Note- You can do a jump squat instead of a standard squat with this.   

How to do a jump squat?

 Squats (One of the must-do dumbbell exercises, for your thighs.)

Dumbbell exercises

Why should you do it?

Squats are important exercises. It doesn’t matter if you are doing bodyweight exercises or say bodyweight workout. Especially, when you are doing a weighted workout like dumbbell workout for full body. 

How should you do it?

  • Stand still with your feet shoulder-width apart and your weight equally distributed on your heels. (like you stand for a squat)
  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand. ( Remember, we are doing dumbbell exercises?)
  • Hinge forward at your hips and perform a squat, acting like you are sitting on the chair, stop when your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  • Stand back up straight to the start position with your heels.
  • Keep your core tight and squeeze your butt as you move up.

Tip- Think of putting back your hip as you sit on a chair, don’t bend your back, and don’t be saggy. Try squat variations. 

Lunges (One of the must-do dumbbell exercises, for calves.)

dumbbell exercises

Why should you do it?

Lunges are one of the best exercises that you can do. It triggers many muscles in your lower body and saves time.  

How should you do it?

  • Stand with feet apart and hands-on sides, with a dumbbell in each hand. 
  • Put one foot backward and bend, such that the calf of the leg going back becomes parallel to the ground.
  • And, the thigh of the leg which is at its place gets parallel to the ground. (Aim to create a 90-degree angle at knees with both legs.
  • Now lift yourself and switch the legs to get into the same calf-thigh parallel to the ground position each time. 

Note– You can also do this with a little variation. What is that variation?

So, these were some of the dumbbell exercises that will help you train your whole body. There is an exercise for each crucial muscle. 

Try this dumbbell workout routine and tell us how did you like it in the comments section below. 

Also, tell us your favorite dumbbell exercises. 

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