Food myths exposed|food myths and truths|

More people more opinions, whom to listen? There are various thoughts about clean eating and healthy eating around the globe.

People have a lot of opinions about food too, How much to eat?, What to eat?,and Even when to eat?.
Some say eggs are good as a whole, some suggest to avoid yolk. How do you decide whom to listen to?

So here we are to help you with this!


Bad foods:

I wonder how can any food be bad? There is nothing like “bad foods” if consumed mindfully.

no junk food

Let me help you more with this,
After having a tempting meal, which you know was low in nutrients but great in taste, try to have the nutrients you missed earlier through the day forward.

What makes a food bad is your consumption frequency. Even having nutritious food too frequently and not treating yourself with some snacks and fun foods, will make you mentally ill which is also a sort of unhealthy.

Fix a routine, have nutritious foods in 8 out of ten your meals and consider it “clean eating” and you can have fun for the remaining 2 meals and consider it the happy meal and not bad food.

Chocolates are unhealthy:

Not all chocolates are unhealthy, yes too much sugar is not good but the darker the better. Chocolates that are at least 70 percent dark are totally good to go if you aim for clean eating.

Dark chocolates act as antioxidants for the body and hence are a part of what you call clean eating. It helps reduce heart disease risk. It also improves the functioning and performance of body.

The nitric oxide in dark chocolates help enhance the blood and oxygen flow in body, resulting in better working muscles.

Egg Yolks are a No-No:

By Avoiding the yolk you are not sticking on to any sort of clean eating. Yolk is filled with nutrients and the egg has to be consumed as a whole.Egg yolks have fatty acid compounds, essential vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the cells.

Egg as a whole helps in boosting metabolism and good cholesterol. And therefore it is recommended to maintain heart health.

Carbohydrates are fatty:

Oh, then fat do fats do? We are usually told to cut on carbs to loose weight.
We need to understand the fact that not all carbohydrates are to be cut.

Not all carbohydrates make you fat. Infant what makes us fat is consuming more calories than we burn.

Carbohydrates are essential for the body and eating low-calorie carbohydrate-rich foods helps lose weight, cut body fat, and enhances muscle growth.

Carbs are a great source of energy and contain many essential nutrients and fibres that help in sustaining energy day in and day out.

Clean eating never asks you to skip ob essential nutrients its actually about having those nutrients in the right way.

Carbonated drinks are bad :

Drinks? Yes, the drinks that contain a lot of sugar and additives and preservatives are not healthy.

But then Carbonated water, plain fizzy water is actually beneficial for people dealing with low water levels and helps them match their fluid requirements on daily basis.

Plain bubbly water is as healthy as regular water.Clean eating is eating real foods or eating foods in natural state and consuming all the vital nutrients that the body needs.

Having more fruits and vegetables.
Avoiding processed foods.
Avoid foods with added sugar.
Drink more water.

These are the things that will lead you to your goal of clean eating.


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