5 Cable Squats Variations For Powerful Legs.

Cable Squats are one of the many beneficial squats variations. It has a lot of benefits as we said here. The 5 cable squats variations in this article are great for powerful legs.

squats variations

Variations to any exercise makes it more intense, (or easy, sometimes), more beneficial and gives you greater movement options. This way you do not feel that you are doing the same workout again and again.

Let get Into the 5 amazing cable squats variations directly.

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5 Cable Squats Variations That You Should Try.

1. Cable Squats walk

One of the simplest yet tough cable squat variations. All you need to do is to walk in a squat position.

How to do it?

cable squats variations- cable squat walk
  • Set up the cable at waist height and stand facing the weight stack.
  • Use a straight bar with an overhand grip and extend your arms fully in front.
  • Keep your head up, look straight, and keep your chest up.
  • Go into the squat position and hold for a few seconds.
  • Now, take small steps backward staying in the squat position and return back.
  • Keep your arms straight and pull the cable by just walking back and not by folding your arms.

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2. Sumo Cable Squats

The cable squat variation is similar to the basic sumo squats you must have done. You just have to do the same holding a cable. You can add a Jump

cable squats variations- Sumo cable squats

How to do it?

  • Stand in front of a cable machine and set it at the lowest point.
  • Hold the attachment and open your legs wide.
  • Now, as you do a normal squat or a sumo squat without weights, sit similarly.
  • Keep your arms and torso straight through out.

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3. Cable Squats To Overhead Raise

This cable squats variation is great, not just for your legs but, for your shoulders too.

cable squats variations- Cable squat to overhead raises.

How to do it?

  • Stand in front of a cable machine with the pulley set at your knee length.
  • Hold the attachment with straight arms and sit into a squat position without pulling the cable yet.
  • Stand upright and raise your extended arms straight over your head.
  • Grip properly and be careful while raising your arms up.
  • Do it slowly.

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4. High Cable Squats

This is the only high cable squats variations among the five. It is similar to normal cable squats. (How to do cable squats?)

cable squats variation- high cable squats

How to do it?

  • Stand in front of a cable machine with the pulley at the highest point.
  • Hold the attachment near your chest with folded arms and pull it while sitting into a squat position.
  • Edge your elbows while pulling and feel the stress on your arms. .
  • Get back to the initial standing position and repeat.

5. Goblet Cable Squats

You have to keep the attachment near your face all the time and lift the weights attached to the cable by moving your body and not arms.

cable squats variations- goblet cable squats

How to do it?

  • Attach a rope to a cable machine and set it on the lowest setting.
  • Grab the attachment and hold it up near your face with folded arms.
  • Keep your elbows up as well.
  • Stand in your squat stance (at least 3 feet away from the machine) and begin the squats.
  • Lean slightly back to avoid being pulled forward but keep your torso upright.

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These are the 5 powerful cable squats variations that you should try and consider including in your workout routine.

As I said earlier, Be it body weight, cabled weight or free weight workout, each one has unique benefits and you should consider adding portions of all kind of workouts to your routine.

All the best!

Tell us how did you like these variations in the comments section below.

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