Effective Bodyweight Workout Routine (2020) Intermediate Level

You can start with this routine once you have done the beginner’s bodyweight workout routine for at least 3-4 weeks. 

People underestimate bodyweight workouts but, I feel when done right a bodyweight workout can be really effective and show you desired results. The best part about it is that you can do these bodyweight fitness exercises at home. Your body’s weight is your equipment.

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There are different exercises for different muscles. And, there are a lot of workout programs available for all of these. 

This bodyweight workout routine (like the beginners one) covers all these major muscle groups. 

So let us get into the level-2 of the bodyweight workout routine. 

Get ready to lose some sweat and gain some muscles!

Effective Bodyweight Workout Routine Level-2

Seated Knee Tucks (20 repeats per set)

bodyweight workout routine

Seated knee tucks are great for abs and improve core strength. A strong core can prevent you from back injuries and also help improve your posture. 

Starting your bodyweight workout routine with a simple and basic exercise will help you boost the energy for the rest of the tough game. 

How To Do It? 

  • Sit on a mat with your legs stretched in front of you. 
  • Keep your hands behind you with fingers facing your back, and lean backward. 
  • Lift your legs in front of you.  
  • Now, bring your knees to your chest and feel the stress. 
  • Straighten your legs back in the air, in front of you.

Note- Do not rest your legs back on the floor until 20 repeats. 

The primary muscles involved are Abs and the secondary muscles are Hip flexors and Quads. 

Reverse Chin Ups (20 per set)

bodyweight workout

Reverse chin-ups are great for arms and are one of the best hanging exercises you can do in a bodyweight workout routine. 

How To Do It? 

  • Face the pull-up bar and grab it with your palms facing your body. 
  • Inhale and pull your chin up to the bar. (Elbows should be pointing forward.)
  • While exhaling, lower your body to the initial position slowly until your arms are straight. (Do not give your elbows a jerk.) 
  • Repeat. 

The primary muscles involved are latissimus dorsi, teres major, and biceps and the secondary muscles used are the trapezius (lower and middle) and the rhomboids. 

3. Pushups (40 repeats per set)

bodyweight workout routine

Pushups are great for the chest and arms. (You can do incline and decline pushups, as well.)

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How To Do It?

  • Get into a push-up position/ high plank position.
  • Hands should be shoulder level apart.
  • The core and hips should be engaged. 
  • Keep your elbows at the side of your waist.
  • Go down and push yourself back up with arms to the initial position. 

Your posture decides the muscles involved. If your elbows go backward as you lower yourself, then your triceps are at work. But, if your elbows are extending sideways, then your pectorals are more involved. 

Squat Thrusts (40 repeats per set)

bodyweight workout routine

Squat thrusts are a combination of squats and pushups, basically. Therefore, it serves the benefits of both. 

Read5 basic and beneficial exercises, to know the benefits of these two. You can also consider these the basic bodyweight workout routine. 

How To Do It? 

  • Stand straight with your arms on the sides. 
  • Lower yourself as if you are about to do a squat. 
  • As you get close to the floor, place your hands on the floor, slightly forward than the body. (Still keeping them at your sides)
  • Shift your weight from feet to hands and throw your legs back, as you get into a pushup position. 
  • Do a pushup right away and bring back your feet.
  • Get up while shifting the weight again from hands to feet. 

The primary muscles involved are hamstrings, quads, and gluteus and the secondary muscles involved are the core, shoulder, chest, and back muscles. 

Mountain Climbers (right/left = 1 repx40) (40 repeats)

Step of doing the Mountain climber exercise by healthy woman. Illustration about exercise guide.

Mountain climbers are great for core, legs, and arms. The initial position is a pushup. 

How To Do It? 

  • Get into a push-up position.
  • With the butt a little high, to look like a mountain (maybe).
  • Now lift the knees one by one, to make them touch the chest.
  • And, the core should feel the pressure by thighs.

Note-  Do not lift your butt too high, feel the stress.

The primary muscles involved are obliques and the secondary muscles involved are the quads. 

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Bicycle Crunches (40 repeats)

Bicycle crunches are great for lower abs and your butt. One of the most common and effective abs exercises you will find in any bodyweight workout routine. 

How To Do It? 

  • Keep your lower back straight to the ground and engage the core. 
  • Keep neck engaged. (This doesn’t mean you have to touch it to your chest all the time.)
  • Reach your right knee with the left elbow by folding the leg towards the core. The arm should be straight while doing this. 
  • The free arm should be folded and the palm should be under your head. 

The primary muscles involved are abdominis, hips, and obliques. The secondary muscles worked are your lower abs. 

Cross Knee Planks  (20 repeats per set)

Cross knee planks are great for abs and obliques. These look easy but require massive energy and are really effective. 

How To Do It? 

  • Start in the plank position. (Elbows should be directly under the shoulders.)
  • Bring the opposite knee and elbow in to touch each other.
  • Return to the initial position.
  • Switch sides and repeat.

(You can do the same while keeping your feet on the wall, but make sure to align your body. Do not keep your feet too high that you lean towards the floor.)

The primary muscles involved are abs, obliques, and hip flexors. 

Breathe, Have a break!

This was your level-2 of bodyweight workout routine, that you can do at home, with absolutely no equipment. 

All the best. 

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