101 Best Hairstyles For Men With Medium Hair | Trendy Hairstyles for men 2022

Having a new haircut can be a way to look at things a bit better, and it can also change the way you feel about yourself. A new haircut can be exactly what you need to keep things fresh and shift the pace a bit, because we’ve all started the year a little rough.

medium hairstyles for men

If you’re having your same hairstyle for a long time, chop it! We have a few suggestions you might try out if you’re looking for something to make your short haircut more distinctive. The hairstyle is the most important part of our grooming if you have any doubts about the grooming part. Here Is the ultimate 101 grooming guide.

Here’s a list of some of the haircuts we’re seeing this year and those haircuts which are evergreen from our favorite styles, and we hope you’ll find some strong inspiration for your next style.

Or If you have beard, you can check our hairstyles with beard.

Best Hairstyles For Men With Medium Hair

Textured Top With Under Cut

For a revitalized look that puts a great spin on a classic cut, lots of guys take the undercut and add a finely textured end.

medium hairstyles for men

High Fade With Brushed Top

You may want to try this side-brushed style for a neater, more polished look. Perfect for all styles of hair, this style concentrates on volume and cleanliness.

Brushed Up with Angled Top

A decent way to show off the natural texture of your hair is this choppy haircut. This is certainly a cut to consider whether you want to wear your hair short and trendy.

Best Hairstyles For Men With Medium Hair

Low Fade With Medium Top

This is a super flowy hairstyle, suitable for thicker hair. The hair is sprayed out in waves across the top of the head, and the line up keeps it all neat.

Minimilist Comet Tail Design

The trails that comets leave behind inspire this eye-catching theme.


Best Hairstyles For Men With Medium Hair

Mid Fade With Tapered Brush up

This brush-up hairstyle, quick but impactful, is perfect if you’re after a clean and structured, highly stylized, preppy look.

Mid Fade With High Brush Up

This high volume brush up will be provided for a beach-ready look. The hair is combed into a neat wave, and all the attention goes to the tall quaff, the mid fade ensures.

Subtle Low Fade With Brush Up

This sloppy brush up will do the trick if you’re after a more relaxed look that still has a lot of volume.

Best Hairstyles For Men With Medium Hair

Brushed Back With Faded Sides

The brushed back cut is one you can still rely on, a plain, low maintenance look that’s as dope as ever.

Dense and Thick Pompadour with Temple Fade

You may want to test out this dense pompadour that has lots of flow and motion if your hair is naturally thick and you want to wear it on the medium-long side.

Best Hairstyles For Men With Medium Hair

Extreme Low Fade with Messy Top

Relaxed and ruffled up, if you want a relaxed look that shows off your hair’s structure, this messy hairstyle is a decent choice.

Dyed Top with Faded Sides

For a daring guy who likes to do something different, this hairstyle is certainly a fashion statement. This one is difficult to miss, featuring a rough portion and a vertical quiff.

Best Hairstyles For Men With Medium Hair

Vertical Curls

You have lots of creative choices, such as this vertical curl style, if you have kinky hair. This makes it easier for you to get lots of motion and volume.

Messy High Volume Top with Faded Sides

Try out this high volume look for a hairstyle with a little more flow. Although the fading sides hold it smooth, the jerky strands add lots of texture.

Horizontal Waves

This looped haircut with curls is another example of versatility of stylishness. For men with curly hair, this is a perfect haircut.

Short-Curled Pompadour and Classic Taper

If you want the vintage style, it’ll give the pompadour. It’s a recent upgrade to the pompadour that’s less polished than its vintage equivalent (but also as stylish).

Brushed Quiff with Faded Sides

A contemporary go-to, this brushed up quiff is a great choice for any guy who wants something trendy but also requires a bit of versatility.

Wavy Brush Up and Undercut

That’s something different that we have here. The best is a strict brush up on top and a taper on the edges. It is filled with a fade that makes the sides much sharper, not like some other taper. The top is strongly preserved, and the horizon faces it straight-up.

Silky Thin Hair with Fingered Quiff

If the face is long or rectangular with this haircut, so it allows the hair to be long and to rest properly. The edges, though, are tapered but not fading and the top is very thick, though it has thin fur. Each morning this will entail some maintenance. Growing a great moustache for the pitch makes this look pop-out.

Best Hairstyles For Men With Medium Hair

Pompadour and Undercut

Is this a slick back or simply a pompadour of the finest quality? Ok, we would say it was the best of the two worlds. Moreover, with less length, the sides are finely tapered. If you look closely at the side part, because we all know, less is better, it is just an easy undercut!

Mid Fade and Wavy Top

Among youth, this one is a really upbeat and poppy hairstyle where you can see a chic mid fade with shaved temple. Plus, the line-up is as clean as a knife. With semi-curls and tapered ends, the top has its own style.

Brush Back Mid Crop and Fade

This is one look that these days is being popular where it looks like a mix of slicked back and flat pompadour. However, with line ups carved like a sculpture, the sides are directly faded. The skin fade is simply incorporated into the beard with a high fade.

Medium French and Fade

Is this a peek at the 2022 streamers? Too many components make this style so youthful and happy. The strands on top make a fringe that adds flair and is outlined. Next up, with all the focus on the top, is the low fade or temple fade!

Wavy Top and High Fade

Since we’re talking vintage, the newer addition is here. Although the top has semi waves with thick volume, the taper fading sides make it new. Because of the curls, the receding hairline is obscured and the thick texture makes it iron.

Dyed Top Strands with Drop Fade

Wow!-Wow! This is one of the styles to be processed that takes a while. And that’s because there are more components than you thought, and to start with, there’s an undercut. In comparison, with no dye, the top is medium-sized but has tapered edges. Finally, do not forget about the lineup and carved sides.

Best Hairstyles For Men With Medium Hair

Funky Shiny Golden High Volume Top

This is one of the models you wear in college, and boom! The crowd is yours now. Thick hair with thick thickness is the highest. Plus, with sides only chopped a tad and too intense, the top is dyed. Plus, the beard is very thick, but it looks rugged and can be beaten.

Toughed Gelled Push Back

Is this the look of an Alpha Macho Man? Since it crosses all the masculinity buttons, I’m almost persuaded. The top is a gentle pompadour and, just as men like to hold it, is perfectly preserved. In addition, the beard with the twirled moustache brings a lot of flair to the look and helps the hair.

Pushed Back Thin Hair with Temple Fade

This is such a gentlemanly look with thin hair at the end, but the volume is not absent, the pompadour with thin hair reaches differently too. Second, the sides are so neat, they are pulled back, yet the temple is faded, the perfect combination between neat and chic.

Tossed Top with Irregular Spikes

Thin hair also provides the freedom to twist, transform, and tweak hair the way you want. First, the sides are faded with skin that helps the top to shine brighter.

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