The back exercises you can do at home|Yes! That too without equipment

Back exercises generally are done with types of equipment and with heavyweights but not anymore I have done many experiments and found these bodyweight exercises or bodyweight workouts for your back muscles.

People usually think that they need heavy equipment and training in the gym for a muscular back. But, the good news is, that you can do back workout at home and that too, without any equipment and still see results. 

Which back exercises you can do at home?

Below are the all-time best back exercises that you can do. And, the list goes like;

  1. Dolphin Kicks.
  2. Superman pulls.
  3. Scapulars push-ups. 
  4. Low planks.
  5. High planks.
  6. Walk-outs with a push-up.
  7. Marching Bridges.
  8. Pilates Press.
  9. Reverse slow angles.
  10. Superman Planks.

Below is the correct posture, method to do, and information about the target muscles of these back exercises. 

Try this bodyweight back workout routine at home by just using your body as resistance. You will not regret trying this, trust me. 

1. Dolphin kicks.

Which muscles are active?

Your lower back and hips are involved in this workout.

back exercises

How to do?

  • Lay down on your stomach, straighten your legs by squeezing your glutes, and engaging your abs.
  • Lift your legs from the ground as high as possible while keeping them straight. 
  • Now, lower them to the starting position while keeping your back in control. 

This is a very good exercise for lower back pain.

2. Superman pulls. 

Which muscles are active?

Your lower back, upper back, shoulders, core, glutes are involved in this exercise. 

back exercise superman pulls

How to do?

  • Lay down on your stomach with your hands straight in front of you and legs behind you. 
  • Now, lift your arms, shoulders, and legs from the floor. 
  • Initially, you will be able to get only a few inches off the ground. And that’s okay, just make sure that you flex your glutes, shoulders, lower back, and your arms. 
  • Slowly, lower your arms and legs to the initial position. 

This exercise targets not just back muscles but also shoulders, core, and glutes. 

3. Scapular Push-ups.

Which muscles are active?

 Your Shoulders, lats, core are involved in this workout.

back exercise scapular pushups

How to do?

  • It is a variation of the standard push-up, and their initial position is the same. 
  • Keep hands shoulder-width apart, and your back straight, as you are ready to begin the move. 
  • Now, keep your arms straight as you squeeze your shoulder blades together and apart. 
  • The movement looks small, but, make sure you feel that your shoulders are involved in the movement. (If yes, then you are going great.)

4. LOW PLANK (One of the best lower back exercises.) 

Which muscles are active?

Your core and lower back are involved in this workout. 

back exercise low plank

How to do?

  • Lie down on your stomach. Lift your body on your toes and forearms. 
  • Your elbows should be directly under your shoulder. And, your back and legs straight. 
  • Lift your back, thighs, and torso off the ground until you make your body parallel to the ground. 
  • Keeping your core tight and engaged, your body should be in a straight line from your head to toe. 
  • Ensure that you have a flat back by tucking in your pelvis. 
  • Don’t let your lower back be saggy or loose, keep it tight to make sure that you are working on the target muscles. 

5. HIGH PLANK (One of the best lower back workouts.)

Which muscles are active?

Your Core and lower back and arms are involved in this workout. 

How to do?

  • Be in a pushup position by placing your hands shoulder-width apart on the ground. 
  • Engage your core by making sure that your body is forming a slanting line from your head to your feet. 
  • Make sure that you tuck in your pelvis this will make sure that back is flat. 
  • Don’t let your lower be in a sagging position. 

Planks are the best fit for back exercises at home. Ans, a prominent exercise to strengthen your lower back. 

6. Walk-outs with a push-up. (One of the toughest and best back workouts.)

Which muscles are active?

 Your Core, shoulders, lats, chest are involved in this workout.

back exercises walk out with pushup

How to do?

Now, this exercise is gonna get your heart pumping. 

  • Start with standing upright. Now, bend over with soft knees until you can touch the ground with your flat palms. 
  • Keep your feet fixed and walk out with your hands (or you can say crawl out) until you reach a pushup position. 
  • Do a pushup, and then get back to the starting position by walking in towards your feet with your hands.

7. Marching bridge. (A great exercise for your lower back muscles.)

Which muscles are active?

Your Core, glutes, upper back, lower back are involved in this workout. 

How to do?

How to do a standard bridge? 

  • Lay down on your back with knees bent and both feet on the floor. (Your feet should not be touching your butt, keep them at a little distance.)
  • Keep your hands at your sides. 
  • Now, push yourself up through your heels and use your glutes to lift your body. 
  • When you are at the highest position possible, lift one foot off the ground (in the same posture it is in) and maintain balance for a few seconds. 
  •  Place your back on the ground. Now, switch your feet and do the same while keeping hips lifted.

8. Pilates press. (One of the best lat workouts.)

Which muscles are active?

 Your Shoulders, lats, triceps, hips, chest are involved in this workout. 

How to do?

  • Start with being is a standard push-up position. (Hands shoulder-width apart right under elbows, and back straight.)
  • Bend your left leg, so your foot is close to your back. Maintain your push-up position by balancing with your right leg. 
  • Now, bend your arms while keeping elbows close to the body, then push yourself back.
  • Complete six to eight reps on one side before switching the leg. 

Want to try some more push-up variations? 

9. Reverse snow angels. (One of the best upper back exercises.)

Which muscles are active?

Your Shoulders, lats, upper back, mid-back are involved in this workout.

back exercise snow angles

How to do?

  • To start, lay down on your stomach with legs straight behind you, keep your arms straight by your sides with palms down. 
  • Now, pinch your shoulder blades together and keep your arms elevated just above the ground. 
  • Engage your middle-back and lats. Bring your outstretched arms in front of your head. 
  • Your thumbs should meet above your head before you bring your arms back to your sides again to complete one rep.

10. Superman plank.

Which muscles are active?

Your Core, glutes, lats, shoulders are involved in this workout.

back exercises

How to do?

  • Begin this move in the regular push-up position with a straight back and hands directly under your shoulders. 
  • Hold your plank position as you lift your left arm and right leg at the same time, balancing on your right arm with the left leg. 
  • After 10 seconds, switch the arm and leg and keep it going till a minute and you are done with the workout.

Planks are not just good for core but also for the lower back. 

So this was your bodyweight back workout routine. You can do these back exercises at home without any equipment and weights. 


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